The patented Shadowboxer is the ultimate all-round concept which trains the three pillars of a healthy body:
power – flexibility – co-ordination

With the Shadowboxer your personal fitness will be raised to new levels –
with fun, high effectiveness and rapid results!

With the Shadowboxer all the movements of boxing training will be simulated. The harness functions as a counter weight for (striking) motions and as the kinaesthetic power behind the ‘strike’. The harness secured tubes enhance two aspects: They strengthen the muscles (and with them the personal power) and they stabilise the whole body: The harness and tubes prevent the body from making unnatural movements. The movement stays targeted and simple.

“Where other fitness tools force or dictate the movement and therefore can reduce or impact upon the training effect, the Shadowboxer leads you down progressive lanes as every movement is physiologically correct.”Michael Dela Cruz
(Shadowboxer Mastermind)


In the center of the Shadowboxer fitness system is the harness. It takes on the role as the stabiliser. The harness absorbs the shock and offsets the movements and acts as a smooth and highly effective training aid for the back muscles, whilst the tubes enhance power and flexibility. A muscle tear is therefore almost out of the question. The harness is made from natural rubber so is therefore as flexible as it is stable, and its pores allow for the natural breathing of the skin (to combat sweat). The harness is easy to care for and wear and fits waist sizes from 68cm to 110cm.

There are fixed plastic adapters on the belt where the tubes can be attached and are free to move through 360 degrees. The harness can be worn at different body heights and the comfiest position for the user can be found through trying it out as it is quickly adjustable. Many different training styles can therefore be offered: cardio training, muscle training, flexibility training and technical practices specific to shadow boxing. Simply put the Shadowboxer on and go – it couldn’t be any easier!


The power tubes are the dynamic linchpin of the Shaderboxer.
They counter the moves and offer resistance to the athletes training. Thanks to the joints which allow movement through 360 degrees on the end of the tubes there is no reduction to the movement. Clamped between the stomach belt and the handgrips (on the Shadowboxer fitness kit) the power tubes react to the movement and fitness level of the athlete. We call this the ‘isokinetic resistance’: As energy and effort levels increase and with stronger dynamic movements, the tubes raise their resistance level and therefore raise the effect of training. The secret is the extraordinary effect of the tubes: The power tubes adjust to the individual possibilities and skills and integrate with their user.


  • Delivered with the set are the Power Tubes Light
  • Power Tubes Medium (for entry level athletes or for training with an injury, e.g.: a back injury)
  • Power Tubes Heavy (suitable for most uses and fitness levels)
  • Power Tubes Xtreme (for powerful training of professional athletes and especially for the hardest training levels)


  • It even makes you breathless in the first stages of training, so there is clear effort from the muscles.
  • Chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps, lowerarms, back and abs are all trained at the same time – and all by physiologically natural movements of the body: your arms, legs and core remain fully moveable.
  • Unhindered movements are possible thanks to the flexibility of the tubes. With the Shadowboxer fitness system (especially in combination with the Leg Tubes) more muscle groups are activated than in any other type of sport.


The leg tubes are an ideal addition to the Power Tubes. They allow for an intensive leg session. In combination with the power tubes all muscles and muscle groups in the body can be trained.

The leg tubes work like the Power Tubes: Their isokinetic resistance (the resistance which increases automatically with the training level of the athlete) adjusts itself to the skill and fitness levels of the athlete and gives immediate feedback thanks to its flexibility. Exceeding the exercise capability is not possible because the performance ability will just be automatically raised! That’s the unique feature of the Shadowboxer fitness system!

The equipment for leg muscles (the Leg Tubes) intensify special moves, for example kicking actions or leg work. The high level of flexibility of the plastic binds ensures an extremely joint-friendly session and supports use in rehabilitation of accidents, injuries, operations or pre-existing injuries (for example disabled users).

Whether your training aim is to lose weight or to gain muscle definition in the upper or lower body, then the Shadowboxer is the perfect piece of equipment. The impact of training with the Shadowboxer and the Leg Tubes is markedly better flexibility and co-ordination, noticeable in a wholly better fitness level.