Shadowboxer Performance


Shadowboxer offers gym owners a comprehensive concept for classes in the group fitness sector. We developed the content and we are educating instructors to train the classes in the gyms.


The group fitness class “Shadowboxer Performance” contains elements from boxing: it is the groundwork. Boxing never exclusively focuses on competitions (other than what you might expect), but has a strong mental component. Boxing training means increasing stamina, coordination and concentration. Training with the Shadowboxer is not to be confused with fitness boxing – it goes far beyond the usual shadow boxing. With the Shadowboxer, athletes actually learn how to box along the way.

The classes are offered for different training levels. So far, that’s old news; however, higher levels will only increase the complexity of the movements! Athletes in higher levels don’t require more power or stamina to participate, because power and stamina are only determined by the fitness tool – thanks to the Shadowboxer’s adaptive system. That means even entry level athletes can participate in higher class levels if they have the necessary flexibility.

Group fitness with the Shadowboxer can easily encompass both beginning and advanced participants – a plus for gym owners when planning their classes: When beginners and advanced athletes can train side by side, it offers an economic advantage.

Of course a group workout is not a must, but the Shadowboxer’s versatility does offer that option.



If you are a gym owner and interested in our classes, please contact us directly. In a personal conversation we will explain our group fitness concept and what it can mean to you as a gym owner. We are sure of it: Shadowboxer “Shadowboxer Performance” class will get your gym in motion, too!
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