With the Shadowboxer you go through a basic boxing training: technique and stamina –
power and mobility. A successful boxing training enhances stamina and elasticity, it coordinates posture and mobility and it also trains your psychological skills, i.e. your concentration.


The Shadowboxer is a piece of equipment based on resistance, a fitness tool that has its origin in boxing training. This fitness tool enables a joint-friendly boxing training and at the same enhances power and stamina.

An example:
The sandbag – an essential tool in boxing training – slows down the punch; it’s like striking a wall. The impact and energy of the punch dissolve and dissipate in the bag. That doesn’t happen with the Shadowboxer!

The punches with the Shadowboxer don’t go to waste but make for a dynamic and physiologically correct punch move that is only restricted by the boxer’s armlength and power. The Shadowboxer is the only fitness tool to activate the whole body. The back is (constructively!) trained as well, not just the muscle groups involved in the movement.

Every boxing hall and every boxing training can benefit from the Shadowboxer! That’s why it is not just recommended by the German Boxing Association, but also tested by many professionals and used in rehabilitation by specialists like Dr. Mark Dorfmüller. Dr. Dorfmüller is the leading physician of the German national boxing team which also uses the Shadowboxer in their workout.